Friday, 27 April 2012

Last indoor market tomorrow!

Today we are getting ready for the market in Saskatoon tomorrow. Joni is busy baking bread and I still have to replace the water pump on our Mitsubishi Pajero. I've been nursing it along pouring water in every 100 miles or so but it has been getting steadily worse. Fortunately the new water pump came in so now I have to change it out. Water pumps aren't much fun to change but this one doesn't look too bad. Need to get it done though because we need to leave by 5:00am tomorrow morning because it's 2.5hrs to get to Saskatoon and then get set up by 8:00am opening time. Normal winter schedule!

Next week we will be outside at the market. Summer is starting!!! That means getting the awnings out and fire up the bus and get it ready for the season. (We use an old handi-van to haul the baking and produce to the markets)

We also need to get started on getting the farm ready for planting. Not today though because it is raining and sometimes snowing!!!!! Our farming amounts to planting as much vegetables as we think we can manage to look after. We have access to some really good markets which are crying for more produce but we can't begin to produce enough.

We are in GREAT NEED of people to partner with us. I wrote about this on "The Vision" we have for this farm. If you would like to be a part of what we would like to do, please call us. WE NEED YOU. Planting time is on us already. And I better get to work changing that water pump......

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