This is Joni. She is my better half and the talent behind the bakery and the greenhouse. She is also very good at crafts which includes knitting, crotchet, and her consuming passion for counted cross stitch. She has a large number of these waiting for framing. She is also the one who got me into marketing at farmers' markets. She has been a vendor at the farmers' markets for almost 20 years! She is the one who decided to call the bakery "Three Bears". It has become a very popular brand at the market. Many people come looking for the "Bear" bread.
This is Joni's daughter Megan with her boyfriend Morgan. Megan is a great girl and is very good with people. We get her to help with the marketing as much as she can because she is so good at it. Morgan is a great help with that also but I know he only does it to be close to Megan!

And here's Ryan. This is an old picture of him working in the greenhouse. He's grown a lot since then. He's 16 now and bought himself a Honda 750 Shadow so he can ride with us this summer. I told him he's really blessed to have a bike like that for his first street bike!
                                                                              And this is me, Jim. Short hair days!
This is my son Matthew with his bike, 2009 Harley Heritage Softtail. He works as a line-haul truck driver for Roseneau Transport in Edmonton. Following in his father's footsteps! Unfortunately he doesn't have enough free time to do a lot of riding. He needs a girlfriend to slow him down some. (He's too much of a work-a-holic).
My daughter Shelah with her partner Jeff and their new daughter Lilly, making me a Grandpa! They live in Lloyd and both work so Lilly spends a lot of time with her Grandma Dianne (Jeff's mom). I'm so jealous!!!
Here's Lilly now. What a sweety and growing so fast!
These are my two daughters, Amelia (Amy) and Shelah. I think this was halloween!


Joni's son James who lives in Calgary

Joni with her son Paul and his girlfriend
????? at their house in Port Alberni BC

Joni's a Grandma twice! Joni's daughter Collette with her partner Brian and their two sons, Colby and baby Anthony

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