Monday, 9 April 2012


I should have posted this yesterday but it doesn't really matter because it is as true today as it was yesterday! The major work of the first Easter was on the Friday, with the Saturday being a day of despair for the confused believers. The glory wasn't revealed until Sunday when Jesus rose from the dead and went forth to show the believers that their faith had not been in vain.

We often get discouraged in our Christian walk. When it seems that nothing is happening with our calling or ministry, it is likely that God is working on a part of the plan that we don't know about. God's plan is much bigger than we can understand. Like the early believers we need to hold the course and not lose faith. I spent 26 years being offended with God because I couldn't see the whole plan. (see 'My Testimony') We are very important to furthering God's work in this world but compared to God we are very very small. We need to learn to trust Him and keep working at the task He set before us. We need to put our pride aside and understand that we are only small players on His great stage, and I'm preaching to myself on this too.

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