Friday, 13 April 2012


This is another song by Bruce Springsteen called  'Jesus Was An Only Son'.
He stops the song in a couple of places to contemplate the choices that Jesus made at the end of His earthly life. Give it a listen.


Jesus didn't have to die on that cross. He didn't even have to be there. Jesus was just as much a man as you or I are. Most people center in on Jesus being God but right now I want you to think about His humanity. He didn't have to live the life He did, He chose to. If there are 1000 ways to die (like the TV show), He didn't have to die in the worst way there was to die in those days. He didn't have to die at all. He chose to.

Springsteen mentions that the weather would have been nice at that time of year and wonders if Jesus could have chosen to open a bar, get married, have some kids. And why not? He could have done anything that He wanted. Instead He chose to follow His Father's plan and let himself be tortured and killed. Choices.

I think about some of the choices I've made in my life and I wonder why God would care about me at all. and yet He does. Choices.

When I make a bad decision it's understandable because I have to make it with no knowledge of what the outcome will be. Jesus KNEW what was going to happen and He still went. Choices.

Our lives are the result of the choices we make along the way. We can never go back and change the bad ones and it's good we can't because making bad choices and falling down and having to get back up is how we grow. It's how we learn. I've made so many bad choices in my life that I should be a lot smarter than I am now! I must be a really slow learner. lol. But I did make one good choice, to accept Jesus and His choice to die. . . .for me!

The last verse of the song says:

          Well Jesus kissed his mother's hands
          Whispered, "Mother, still your tears,
          For remember the soul of the universe
          Willed a world and it appeared

Choices. It's what Life is all about.

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