Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Live-In

In January we were invited to something called a "live-in". We were told that it was about getting closer to Jesus and that it was about love.

Somehow the fact that it is put on by the Catholic church was withheld from us. Not by the people who invited us but I believe God kept it from us. Why? Because I probably wouldn't have gone.
And that would have been very sad because it was one of the best weekends of my life.

I have always thought the Catholic church was a lost dead church, full of empty ritual and idolatry and devoid of the love of Christ.

I was dead wrong!

I still see a lot of ritual but I also see a reverance for God that is often lacking in protestant churches. I have listened to many preachers talk about using the power of God like it is their right. They exalt themselves to the same status as God Himself.

At the live-in I saw very humble people worshipping and honoring God by serving others. I saw more true love from these Catholics in one weekend than I have seen anywhere else my whole life. It was an incredible experience and I am glad that God knew how to get me there!

Live-ins are held all over the country so if someone invites you to go to one, GO! You will never be the same again, you will be much better!

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