Thursday, 3 January 2013

How do I reach you brother?

I had a good talk with a brother who I will call "Valiant". Valiant is a lost soul who lives on the street in Saskatoon. He isn't lost because he doesn't know Jesus. In fact, he professes to know Him quite well and can quote scripture all day long. He even considers himself a warrior in God's army. But Valiant is so very lost. I believe he has had things happen in his life that caused him such pain that it overwhelmed him. He lives on the street, owning nothing but what he carries in his backpack.

His story is all too familiar and he and others like him are who I wrote about in
"Brothers Under The Bridge".

Valiant is a Vietnam vet. He was involved in mass murders and has personally known serial killers, plane hijackers, big drug dealers, etc. He saw his own son killed in a tractor accident.

At least these are the things he talks about. Very troubling memories. . . . .if they are real. They may not be, or at least they may not ALL be. They may be something his mind has invented because of the trauma in his life but it doesn't matter, they are the reality that he lives in.

God has given me a burden for Valiant but I am at a loss to know how to reach him. He is a great challenge to me but God's call to me is greater and I have to believe God knows what He is doing and will equip me to accomplish His will.

Recently Valiant came to the local farmers market and set up a table and started preaching. He didn't ask anyone's permission and his language is quite colorful. The market manager was quickly called and Valiant pulled out a knife to help make his case. I got there and took Valiant aside. Everyone gave us a lot of space (Valiant can be a little intimidating), and we had a good talk until the market was over.

I love Valiant like the brother he is and I ask you to pray for him and pray for me that I can be a channel for God to use to reach Valiant and the others like him.

Remember, we're all in this together. . .



  1. You got the prayers from down Minnesota way. Because your right, we're all in this together.

    1. Thanks Tom,

      Glad to see you on here. I sure have enjoyed reading your blog.

      God bless you