Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Live-In Back-up

Now that I finally posted about the live-in I can tell you that we have been to another live-in as back-up.

You can only be a live-in-er once but then you can go back as back-up to pass on the blessing to more people.

Back-up is even more blessing. Not greater blessing but continued blessing. Serving as back-up is fantastic! When you see how people's lives get changed right in front of you, it changes you. It is very addictive and I think I'm on the way to being a live-in junkie!

We saw healings, breakthroughs, people set free. One woman told us she had not been out of her home for six years! Somehow she got enough courage to come to the live-in. For the first day and a half she kept saying she couldn't do it and she had to leave but God is faithful and continued to give her the strength to stay.  During the weekend she got a huge deliverance from the bondage she was in and when the time came for testimonies she was the first one to the microphone to give God the glory for setting her free!  What a change!

Yes I'm hooked!

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